How to View Digital Magazines on Mobile Devices

Transferring PDF documents to flipping digital magazines is an amazing way to view PDF files. With the popularity of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, tablets, reading digital magazine on these mobile devices becomes necessary. Do you want to create a stunning flipping Flash digital flipbook or magazine from PDF for mobile usage? Digital magazine software XFlip Professional can help you make digital publications which can be viewed on mobile devices. You just need to upload your publications to website, and people can use mobile devices to read them. Only a browser is required in a mobile device to get it work. It’s so convenient for you to read anywhere, or let readers reach your new publications easily.

digital magazines on ipad

Following are details for how to make and view flipbook on iPad, iPhone or Android-powered phone & tablets.

Firstly, you have to make a flipbook supports mobile device. When you are creating a flipbook by XFlip Professional e-publication software, please pay attention to these 2 points:
1. Select Generate Files for Mobile while import PDFs
generate digital magaizne for mobile devices
2. Create mobile version flipbook when publish
publish pdf to digital magaizne

After you finished flipbook, you need to upload it to website. Please follow these steps for uploading flipbook to website:
1. Select HTML format option to publish your flipbook.
2. Upload all files and folders under flipbook's output folder. For example, if the output folder is in C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\XFlip\FlipBook Output\magazine, then you have to upload whole folder 'magazine' to your website.
3. Click 'Show HTML Code' button after you published successfully. Copy and paste the code into your web page's source code in the appropriate location where you want your flipbook display.
4. You get a link of your online flipbook.

Finally, you can read the 3D effect flipping e-magazines online by visiting that website link from browser on mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or Android phone/tablet, etc. Enjoy reading with new technology anywhere anytime!

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