How to Remove from Output Flipbook

How do I remove your site from the output digital flipping book? I don't want my readers to see on the magazine. Many users would have this question, in fact, not only you can remove it, but also you can change the to any text and add hyperlink to it. The following steps will guide you how to do it with XFlip professional digital magazine software.

Step 1: Launch XFlip (Professional) and open the project you want to modify.
Step 2: Click Design -> Advanced Settings. You'll find under the Main Setting option.

Here, you could modify the text and define a destination url to it. At the same time, you can define the size of the font, style and clolr of the font. After finishing the setting, click to apply the setting.
Step 3: Publish the flipbook, the title of the flipbook will display as you define.

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