How to Reduce File Size of Flippinig Book for Web Transferring

When transferring digital publication on web, it's annoying that file is very big and loading speed is low. XFlip digital publishing software offers you solution to solve this problem. There are 3 ways to reduce file size and speed up loading and transferring.

First way is adjusting page quality setting. "Import PDF" window will pop up when importing PDF, there are 3 places you can make settings in the page quality setting section.
reduce file size - import quality

1. Drop-down menu. There are 4 levels of quality you can select. Lower quality means smaller file size.
reduce file size - quality setting

2. Modify number on the box, it ranges from 1 to 100, larger number means larger file.
3. You also can drag the bar between small file and large file to adjust file size.

Second way is removing tick before "Generate thumbnails for page quickly preview". It is always tick by default. Please simply left click the check, the tick will be removed.
reduce flipbook file size - thumbnail

Third way is disable download button. Normally, download button is not active by default. If you have ticked it, but want to reduce output size, then you need to disable it. Please go to the Button Settings panel under Advanced Setting field on Design tab. Please remove the tick behind "Download" by simply left clicking it.
reduce file size of flipbook - disable download

After, please click save button to save your settings.

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