How to Put Digital Publications on a CD/DVD Drive

If you have many PDF and image files, and want to distribute them to your hard drives, USB drives or CD/DVD, and can run automatically when opened. Here is the solution.

This tutorial will show you how to put your digital publications on a CD or DVD, you can also do the steps as hard drives and USB drives.

Firstly, you can publish PDF/images files to offline digital publication by using XFlip digital publication software.

Here is the tutorial about how to publish offline digital publication.

Step 1: Open output folder. After published successfully, a dialog box will appear.

Click the "Open output folder" button, then you will find all files of your publications.

Of course, you can also find your publication files from your save path. Just like this output-folder-save-path.jpg

Step 2: Insert your CD/DVD drive to your PC. (If you want to copy your publication to hard drives or USB drives, you can insert hard drive or USB drive here.)

Step 3: Send to CD/DVD. Right Click the .exe file, you will see the following menu items. Just click "Send To" -> "CD/DVD Drive". find your publication files from your save path

After finishing, you can run ".exe" file on your CD to open the publication.

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