How to Protect Online Digital Magazine

Is it possible to convert PDF documents into a flipbook with secure? When you creating a digital magazine, how to protect it from viewing, downloading, or printing? XFlip digital publishing software offers you solution.

First way, you can set a password to your digital magazine. Then anyone who wants to open your magazine should first input correct password.
Please run turn to Design tab on XFlip, next click Advanced Settings on lower left. In panel of Main Settings, please pull scroll bar down and find "Password".
1. Tick the check behind "Password".
2. Type password of digital magazine to the next text box.
3. Click the save button to save your settings.

Second choice, you can disable Print and Download buttons on navigation bar, so readers can't print or download your digital publications.
disable download and print button
1. Please go to Button Settings panel under Advanced Setting from Design tab.
2. Remove tick from check of Download, leave that check blank.
3. Remove tick from check of Print, leave that check blank.
4. Save settings.

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