How to Make Right to Left Flipping Magazine

In some languages, people read from right to left, such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc. How to make a digital publication meets their reading habit? XFlip digital publication creator has right to left mode, it supports reading from right to left in created flipbooks. There are 2 ways to apply right to left mode.

First way is applying right to left template. After imported your PDF/Image, please go to Design tab, select ‘‘template’’ on the drop-down menu of Category. Then double click on "right to left" template.

The second way is apply right to left option on Main Setting panel from Advanced Settings on Design tab.
You can tick the check after ‘‘Right to Left’’ and click save button to save your settings.

After you apply right to left mode, you can flip pages from right side to left side. Table of content box and search result box will be on the right side, which is more suitable for reading from right to left.

To delete/remove right to left template, please just simply apply other templates. Or keep the check of "Right to Left" blank.

With this easy to use XFlip online magazine software, it's so simple to create right to left reading mode. Do not hesitate to download its 30 days free trial version to check it out.

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