Make Flipping Publications more SEO Friendly

Now, many businesses provide product and service information to their clients with PDF documents online. Some companies are trying to convert PDF to Flash page flip publicatiions to give their potential clients an attractive way to know more about their products or service. Besides this, have you ever think of getting more potential clients from search engines by making your fliping digital magazine more SEO friendly? Here are some tips for you to help you make a SEO friendly online magazine for search engine visibility.

Our XFlip digital magazine software enables you to make SEO friendly e-magazines from PDF. The content of output digital magazine can be crawled and indexed easily by search engines. Besides, here are optimization tips for you.

1. Choose 3-5 keywords that you want to get a good rank for the output digital magazine and then use these keywords at the meta tags, such as title, keywords, and description. You can define these meta tags with our XFlip easily.
seo friendly digital magazine meta setting
2. Put the online magazine as close to the home page as possible. Search spiders not being likely to crawl content that's too deep applies. So, let the magazine more easily to be found anywhere, if possible, you should very visibly link to the PDF from the home page, or from some page that gets crawled regularly. You have to lead the crawler along so it finds the new content as quickly as possible.

3. Link the magazine with different anchor texts that are similar with the keywords that you want to rank well.
4. If you have time, try to build some outbound links for the digital magazine.

When done correctly, this optimization can give you new opportunities to acquire traffic from natural search, without money!
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