How to Add .MP4 Video Files on Digital Publications

Problem: Have a .mp4 video file, and don't want to share on YouTube, just want it showed on your own digital publications. This tutorial is the solution for you.

XFlip digital publication software not noly supports insert YouTube videos, it also supports add your own videos such as .mp4 video files.

Step 1: Open XFlip magazine publishing software, import your PDF files.

Step 2: Click the "Page Edit" button on the top menu. Find the page that you want to insert video. Then click "Add Video" Button on the left menu.

You will see a small cross appeared on the page, left click and drag it to create the size of the video window. Then the "Add Video" dialog box will pop up.

Step 3: Click the scan-button.jpg button, you will see a file dialog, select the video you want to embed. And set the size of your video window from Width and Height boxes. You can also set the way that how you want to play the video from Options.

Step 4: After finishing insert video, click the "OK" button, you will see the video has been added on the current page.

You can drag & drop to set the position you want, and of course you can also resize the window by your mouse.

At last, publish it.

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