How to Email Digital Magazine to Others

By using XFlip page flip software, you can create flipping book in different formats. Please refer to this tutorial for how to choose flipbook output format. After creating the page flipping flip book, how to send those created digital publication via Email? Here are the ways for you.

First way, using email function within XFlip software. After publish successfully, you can click the Email button on the pop up window. But first of all, you should install email client, like "outlook" or something else. And make sure that default logon works well. All output formats allow this function.

Second method, you can zip output files and send them to others via email manually.
If you publish as HTML, you need to zip the whole output folder. Recipients should first unzip the package, and then double click the index.html file to flip pages. Please pay attention that Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above is needed on reader's computer to view flipbook in HTML format.

If you publish as EXE, APP or ZIP, you can just zip the single exe or app file, then email to others. People can run that exe or app file without other software.
*Kind Remind, most email server reject to delivery emails with EXE/APP file, if you want to send them, please first zip it.
If you publish as ZIP, it will output a zip package in HTML format, so you do not need to zip again, just simply attach it to your email and send it.

Third method is using Share button on output flipbook.

After click the Share button, it allows reader share the e-publication to others via Email or social networks.

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