How to Do Language Settings for E-publications

In this global society, how to attract more readers from other countries for your e-publications? It will become easier if they can read e-book in their language. XFlip page flip software supports multi-languages of output e-publication, which make it friendly to read. It will definitely enhance reader's reading experience.

How to make language settings on XFlip Pro?
1. Go to Design tab, and language panel, click 'Edit language' button. Please click drop-down menu to choose which language you want to edit. If you want to use language of operating system as default language, please tick the check. You can choose which languages available on output flash book by ticking checks.
Using the Add, Delete, Up and Down button, you can add/delete language and adjust their position.
define language display

2. Add language. After you click ‘'Add'’ button, '’Add language’’ window will pop up. Please click drop-down menu to choose the language you want to add.
add language xflip pro
You can copy from old language as reference. By clicking the glass button, you can choose our built in icon or use your own file from your computer as language icon.
set flag for defined language

3. Translate language. After add new language name and icon, you can translate language of flipbook to your own language.
Please first select object language, then double click on language column, and translate it to the language you want.
translate labels to defined language

Please translate all following parts to make whole output flipbook is in the language you want. Please do remember to click Apply button to save all information.
apple language setting

For XFlip Lite, only one language can be used. Language is not selectable on output flipbook. So you can present e-publication in one specific language only.
If you want more, please try XFlip digital magazine software Pro version.

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