Adorn a Flip Book Magazine without Affect Reading

Want to let your flipbook more lifelike and more motional to attract your readers, but doesn't hope them overwhelming the writing on the page to affect on normal reading?

Well, you can adorn your book with XFlip Pro flip book Software. you can use the clipart and Effect templates that come with XFlip Pro to achive your need.

Here is the tutorial tell you how to do this:

Step 1: Open XFlip digital magazine software Pro version, and import your PDF or images files.

Step 2: Click the "Page Edit" Button on the top menu, then the Clipart and Effect submenu will display on the left side; click Clipart menu, you will find there are five different cateories under the drop-down menu, choose your favorite category and then select one clipart from this category, drag it to the page.
Some of these cliparts are dynamic, and most of them may cover the page text, so you need trag them to the place that without text.

Step 3: Decorate without covering page text - just click the Effect menu beside Clipart, you can find some motional images, such as bubble, if you trag it on your page, then different size transparent bubbles will be produced on the page and constantly floating, these bubble don't conver the page text to effect the reading. You can also find other effect images under this submenu, such as snow, rain, music, etc. They all have the dynamic effect, and could not affect reading.

Step 4: Publish your flipbook.


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