How to Add Bookmarks to E-publications

Bookmark can make you free from struggling when you are reading a digital publication with hundreds pages. It can automatically flip to specific pages by using bookmark. Here you will get to know the steps to add bookmark to e-publication with XFlip digital publishing software.

How to add bookmark to e-publications? XFlip digital publication software offers 2 solutions of adding bookmarks for both publisher and readers.
1. For publisher, please run Xflip software, and find bookmark settings board under Advanced Settings on Design tab.

You can add / insert / delete bookmark to your editions by above buttons. Then double click on title and page field to enter bookmark title and page number accordingly.

After distribute this digital publication, your reader can view your created bookmark by clicking Bookmark button on navigation bar.

2. For readers, when they are reading created issue, they can add bookmark as they like.

a. Click the bookmark icon on navigation bar.
b. Flip to the page where you want to add bookmark.
c. Type title of bookmark.
d. Click Add button.
After added, you can also modify or delete them. First, click on the added bookmark which you want to modify or delete. Second, Type new title and click update button to modify it or simply click delete button to remove it.

Added bookmarks will be store in reader's local computer after they close the publication. So it's convenience to read when they reopen it next time.

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