How to Insert New Pages from PDF File to Created Flip Book

In our daily or business life, what often happens is that you have created a wonderful flash flip book from PDF file, but you also want to insert some new pages from a PDF file to the created digital flipbook without processing the full PDF again.

At this time, one tutorial in details on how to add new pages from a PDF file to the existing flash flipbook with XFlip flash flip book creator could be very helpful for you, which can take you from some repeated works. More significantly, you're allowed to add some new pages to the created flash flipbook whenever necessary.

Step 1: Free download and launch XFlip flash magazine software successfully.

Step 2: Choose "File -> Open" in the menu bar or click the "Open" button to import the output flip book project that was already created.

Step 3: After the imported flipbook project is displaying on the screen, then choose "Import Files" to define where to insert and which pages to be inserted at the screen below.


Step 4: Preview and choose "Publish" button to begin the process of creating the new flash flip book.

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