How to Add Image into Specified PDF Flip Book

Do you want to add an image, animated photo slideshow or even some pages with pictures to the created flipping book to make it more interactive and vivid? Here you could easily insert any images to the published flash flip books by using XFlip flip book publisher.

After free download and install the easy-to-use XFlip software smoothly, you may begin to create your customized flipping books with multimedia elements.

Step 1: Import the flipbook files, and select the page that you would like to insert an image or photo slideshow.

Step 2: Click the "Design" icon on the top menu and switch to the "Image" icon on the left menu.

Step 3: Drag the mouse to draw a frame on where you want to add an image, and stretch out the shape to the favorable size and aspect.


Step 4: Choose the image from the "Image Properties" frame on the right screen, or you could also set its position. And then click the "Preview" icon to preview the effect.

Step 5: Modify the image, just return to the "Layout" interface at the lower right and modify the properties of the images until achieving the desired effect.


Just click the name of the image and do the settings, or you can click the delete.jpg icon icon to delete it directly. The flipbook could return to the origin.

With the simple yet versatile XFlip flip magazine software, you could easily insert your Christmas picture or any kinds of vacation images into first page of flipbook or any related page. Just enjoy your own favorite flipping ebooks!

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