How to Add Hotspot to PDF Flipping Pages

PDF file generally contains a series of images that are exact representations of the pages of an original hard copy document. It's a format only readable.

Yet sometimes you just find it a bit of hard to particularly stress or highlight some key contents like important words and sentences, thus you could use XFlip Page Flipping Software to convert PDF document files into flash page flip digital publications, meanwhile, it also allows you to highlight the important contexts and add hotspot to page turn flipbook.

Now let's begin the step-by-step guide by free download and run XFlip Pro software.

Step 1: Click the "Import Files" button to add PDF files to the software and click the "Hotspot" icon on the left menu after uploading them.

Step 2: After that just drag the mouse to draw a frame on where you want to highlight, it also allows to stretch out the shape to the desired size and aspect.
Step 3: Modify parameters like the color, transparency, position and add hyperlink (optional). Keep in mind that the transparency could be adjusted by sliding the arrow. When you move the mouse across the "Transparency" surface, an arrow-shaped pointer moves across the screen. The more left, the more transparent the hotspot will be, and it works both ways.

Warm Tips: Supposing that you want to erase any words or images like an unrelated link or name or other information you would like to keep private, your best bet is to choose the color as white, and drag the transparency button to the maximum right as the screen below:


Step 4: After all settings done, just click the "Preview" icon to preview the effect. If not, just turn back to set parameters until achieved your desired effect.

Or you could also change them by double click the name of elements on the "Layout" frame located at the lower right of the operator interface, or delete them by clicking the delete.jpg icon to delete it.


Additionally, the powerful XFlip digital publishing software also allows to add multimedia files like add text to flipping book, animation, links and many more to professional page-flipping eBooks easily.

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