How to Hide Bottom Toolbar of Flash Magazine

As is known to us, the powerful XFlip digital magazine creator could offer the versatile navigation toolbars on the bottom of the flipping pages in order to give you a right picture of buttons. But if sometimes, you feel the bars are completely unnecessary or not matched perfectly with the whole page colors. You could easily hide the bottom navigation bars to meet your needs.

Launch flip books software, click the "Setting" tab on the right of the top menu. Go down the menu, and then find the icon of Navigation, and then click it.


As you will see, the built-in parameters are settled by the software at first and theme you already chose. Here you could edit them by checking or unchecking in order to show or hide. If you want to hide these toolbars, you may just need to click the checkbox to leave them blank. Remember to click the "OK" button to save the change.

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