How to Do Thumbnails View Settings for Flipping Pages

When you're ready to create stunning flipbooks, you just very much want to have amazing thumbnails view before finally publishing them. When it comes to thumbnails view, it's often the case that if a flipbook file icon is a small picture that is thought to tell you a little bit about the file, and if the file itself contains images you want to share with others, then why not let a miniature version of the pictures display together.

Furthermore, time and again, it has been shown that it's wonderful having little thumbnails in the project view for the flash flipping books. Here great XFlip flipping book software provides the robust function for you to do some thumbnails view settings for your own digital flipbooks.

Free download and launch e magazine maker, import your desired files to the software, switch to the top menu of the screen and click on the "Setting" tab. Go down the menu, and then find the icon of Navigation, and then click it.


As you have witnessed, the built-in parameters are settled by the software at first. Here you could edit them by checking or unchecking in order to show or hide the function.


If you don't want to have the thumbnails view settings, you may just need to click the checkbox to leave them blank. Make sure you remember to click the "OK" button to save the change.

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