How to Design Flipbook Magazine Template by Yourself

There is a moment that you just want to publish several different types of flip books, and then you might require different designs for them. Or do you very much want to design and publish a wonderful flash flip book with some customized features such as user's design talent, color assortment, background and so on.

When it comes to designing flipbook template, here we would like to share you with one such powerful tool - xFlip flipbook software that excellently serve to offer built-in templates for free and modify default settings depending on you own personal style so as to design the stunning flipbooks.


Step 1: Free download the xFlip flip magazine software and click the icon to launch it smoothly.
Step 2: Click the "Import Files" button to upload the files that you want to publish to flash flipbook.

Option 1: If you're eager to add videos, images and other multi-media elements, just click "Design" button on the top menu, and then you're able to design your flipping pages by adding dynamic flash swf files, embedded videos and so on.

Option 2: Or if you want to have a powerful customization features to design the look and feel of your output flipbook such as background color or image, logos, Table of content and many more, just switch to the "Setting" button to style your desired flipping page.


Step 3: After all the settings confirmed, you may click the "OK" to save the template and preview the flipbook and check the quality of the flipbook in advance. After that, just click the "Publish" button to start the publishing process.

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