How to Change the Brand LOGO Image on Digital Publication

The fact remains that digital publication is always an effective way to give your readers more freedom to read the informations online. It is to be observed that xFlip digital flipbook software is one such stunning tool to help you to publish PDF document files to page turning digital publications with ease.

It is a wonderful and awesome thing that you could also be allowed to add or change your company brand into those digital publications. That's to say, with the useful tool, you would feel far more free to add your company's website information, brand logo or image to these output flash digital publications. Here you may learn how to accomplish this easily with powerful digital magazine creator.

Well, here is one way to change the company logo on your output digital flipbook. Please act with these steps below:
1. Switch to the "Setting" icon on the top menu and then click the "Logo" button.
2. Click the "Open" button to choose another logo file like swf,jpg,jpeg,png etc. that you want to display on your output publications
3. Type URL that you want to show on the flipbook in Link Targer box.
4. Next adjust carefully the width and height of the logo file as you like.
5. Choose one of four positions for your logo files.
change company logo and link setting

After all the settings done, simply keep in mind that you should click to to save all your settings, or just save this logo setting as your templete by clicking "Save Templete" for your next use.

What's more, if you want to change the brand LOGO image to the output flipbook, then you may go to the "Design" icon also on the top menu only for the xFlip Pro and Enterprise version, the steps in details are following.
1. Click "Add Image" to open a window and choose the image files that you want to show.
2. Draw a frame. Left click, hold and drag the mouse to where you want to add an image.
3. Place and import the logo image.
4. Position settings. Define left/top/width/height.
5. Action. You could choose the proper actions as you desire from the 4 options of the pop-up window.
7. Click "OK" to save all the settings, and then the image would display on the page you select. Or you could also choose to click "Cancel" to remove the command.
create company logo setting

Here you could also learn how to set company information in flipping magazine, hope you could get maxim benefit from it.

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