Google Analytics Tracking Guide - XFlip Page Flip Software

One of awesome features of XFlip page flip software is Google Analytics integration support. After integrating your online flipping magazine with Google Analytics you can track the detailed usage statistics for your publication any time.

What can you track for your online publications with Google Analytics?
You can get the following traffice information in Google Atalytics:
1. Number of views for each page, both normal and zoomed format.
2. Number of unique visitors
3. Audience description
4. Traffic Source
5. Events (links clicking, sharing, searching, zooming).

How to track the traffic of your online publications with Google Analytics?
To begin using Google Analytics you do need to have a Google account, register your domain in Google Analytics, get a UA number(UA-xxxxxxxx) and add it to your publication before converting.
1. Click Setting after importing your PDF publication.
2. Click Advanced.
3. Find Google Analytics under Book Option from Advanced panel.
4. Input your Google Analytics account ID, such as UA-xxxxxxxx-1
5. Click the "OK" button on bottom to apply the setting.
After all the setting and design work of page flipping has done, you can publish it and upload the page-flipping book to your website.

Google Analytics traffic report reading guide
1. Audience overview
You can see: the number of visits, the proportion between new and returning visitors, frequency of visits, the countries of visitors etc. You can also see the browsers and mobile devices they have used when viewing your publication.

2. Traffic sources overview
By clicking the Traffic sources button, you could get an overview of what sources of your traffic come from.
3. Event overview
Go to Content/Events/Overview/Events, you can see what users have done while reading your publication. It includes tracking the number of shares, search events, external links usage and saving your publication.

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