How to Upload Flipping Digital Publications on Website

Creating flipping digital publications such as online magazines from your physical PDF copies is a valuable way to publish and distribute your content to millions of people quickly and easily. Unlike sharing the PDF format publications on webiste, the readers have to install PDF reader and download the full size of the PDF to view the PDF copy, page flipping publications give readers a new real book reading experience by flipping the pages in all computers via explorer. This tutorial will introduce you an easy way to upload pdf to website as flash flipping publication.

XFlip digital magazine software allow users to convert PDF files to page flipping publications and share them on webistes. After getting the publication files (often a folder, suppose the folder name is emagazine), the next step is to upload these files to your site and get decent traffics. Here are 3 ways for you.

  • Using your online file manager provided by webhosting company
    Webhosting companies usually provide a File Manager (or similar) utility to facilitate users to upload website files. The utility is generally located under the Control Panel of your account.
    Step 1. Log into your website's control panel with the username and password of your webhosting's infomation.
    Step 2. Once you have logged in click on the 'File Manager' icon.
    Step 3. And then find your website's folder, find the directory where you want to upload the generated emagazine folder and then upload the folder to it.
  • Using an FTP tool to upload files
    There are many FTP programs available and all operate pretty much the same. Such as Smart FTP, CuteFTP, and more. Let's take CuteFTP for example.
    1. Log into your web-server by typing your host name, username, password, and port and then click connect button.

    2. In a few mintues, your website's files would appear. This is where you will upload all the files for your website. Just go to the appropriate folder where you want to host the flipbook folder and then upload the emagazien folder to it.

    3. You are now all done. You are able to see your publication at
  • FTP your data feed using a web browser
    1. Open explorer, and then type at the address bar

    2. Type the username and password, and click Logon.
    3. You will see a window with a lot of folders. Now simply paste the whole emagazine folder to the directory where you want to host the files. Once you have sent your file, the icon for the file will appear in the Internet Explorer window. The file is now uploaded. You are able to see your publication at
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