How to Merge Multiple Word Documents into One Flash Digital Magazine

Want to turn your multiple Word files into flash page flipping magazine? Or want to merger multiple word documents into one SWF file? Well, XFlip digital publishing software is the best solution for you. XFlip can help you merge multi-files into one flash-based file output as different formats: HTML, Standalone SWF, EXE, ZIP, etc.

Here is the tutorial to guide you how to merge multiple word documents into one flash magazine.

Step 1: Download and install XFlip software, if you don’t need design your document, you can don’t XFlip Lite version; if you want to design pages such as add links to webpage, videos, sounds, etc. you can download XFlip Pro version; and the XFlip enterprise also has design function, if you are a enterprise user, you can download this version.

Step 2: Open XFlip software. Import you word documents one by one. Then the system will process the file, please wait a moment.

Step 3: Add front cover and back cover. After all files imported, you can add front cover and back cover images for the output flip magazine, you can design the images size as a A4 page size, such as 620 * 877 Pixel, then import the two images, Drag and drop one image as the first page for front cover, the other as back cover.

Step 4: Setting your flash magazine.
Add Title information for your magazine, go to Setting -> General -> Title option.
Type the title text, and set Font, Size, color for the title, if you want to set link for the title, you can also add link for it.
Set background. Go to Setting -> Advanced -> Background.
There’re 2 kinds of background. First is color, second is picture. From the 1st option, you can select single color, or mix another color by ticking the check before 2nd color check. From the 2nd option, you can add pictures as your background, including static pictures and dynamic pictures. Know more how to do background settings for E-magazines.
You can also add LOGO, tablet of content, bookmark, etc. for your magazine from the Setting Tab. You can find more details of these settings from this XFlip Tutorial list.

Step 5: After all settings done. Just publish your word documents to flash digital magazine. Click publish button on the top menu. Then the publish window will pop up. Here you can choose the publish format you needed, HTML and SWF format is good for website users. If you publish as HTML, don’t forget to set the Title, Keywords, Description options for SEO friendly. Then click Publish to start convertion.

Step 6: Upload or share your flip e-magazine. You can upload the final magazine to your website, or email it to your customers and friends.

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