How to Read Flipbook on Android Devices?

Viewing a flipbook on Android device is also a real enjoyment when you just create flipbook from PDF / Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) / SWF / Video / Image files. Or maybe you happen to download something and are eager to read it on your Android device. Now the possibilities are endless with XFlip flip book software, which is a easy-to-use yet powerful program to help you to make a flipbook from images/photos and read them on your Android device with ease.

Here we just introduce several most effective ways to view the flipbook on Android Devices.

1. Online Reading

It's pretty easy to view your digital publication online. After uploading your digital publishing edition to a website then you can input the URL into the browser of your Android device to begin reading. This way is in no need of stalling any app. Here is the tutorial guide you How to Upload Flipping Digital Publications on Website.

2. Offline Reading

The digital publications that created by XFlip software also support offline reading. Just publish as ZIP format, you can create a offline version flipbook of your PDFs for android reading.
Before offline reading, you need install ZIP App onto your android device. There are many Zip Apps available from Google Play, here we suggest one free Zip App: iZip, you can download iZip from Google Play:
With its simple interfaces, iZip provides the easiest way to view/open/append/send ZIP files on Android. So you can view your digital publications on android device via iZip.

As to offline reading, you can choose to copy the Zip files to your Android device’s SD card or download the zip files from a website. Before you transfer zip files into the Android devices, you should create the flipbook from setting its output as ZIP files. Here is the details guide you how to create a flipbook as ZIP file:
After free download and launch the flip magazine software, you could import your desired files to the software that you want to display them on your created flipbook. The software also allows doing some customizing jobs to make personalized flipbook. Then choose the output files as "ZIP" then start publishing.

After that, simply find the created files from the output directory. Finally transfer them to your Android Devices. Now you can enjoy reading the flipbook on Android devices offline anywhere and anytime.


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