How to Print One Specific Page or Any Pages from a Digital Magazine

How to Print One Specific Page or Any Pages from a Digital Magazine?

Have you ever wondered where digital magazines came from? Magazines mean so much in modern life that without it our modern world would be impossible. Have you ever wondered how to have your published magazine for print or press? In this article, we'll introduce the process of printing digital magazine shortly to the interested readers.

The following section, which will provide you with all the information needed to print an online magazine. Firstly, create a printable digital magazine with XFlip digital magazine software.

Step 1: Install and open XFlip digital publishing software and open the project you want to set print function.

Step 2: You may see several buttons on the top menu; here we just choose to click the "Setting" button to continue;

Step 3: Then the setting window will pop up, click "Navgiation" tab and tick "Print" box, the print function will be available on your digital publication.

Step 4: Publish your magazine; open it, you will see the print button will be available on the navgiation bar.

Step 5: Just click the print button, tab the page number that you want to print at the small box. You can also choose all pages to print.

Step 5: Click the "Print" button to start printing your digital magazine.


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