How to Create a Password Protected Digital Flash Magazine

The need to easy viewing PDF files with 3D effect gives rise to flipping book software. The reason is because it cannot only enable users to view documents regardless of the hardware, software, and operating system a computer is running, but also can read them with stunning page-turning effect. However, if you want to create a digital flash magazine from PDF files and want someone to be able to view it, but not make changes to it, then how could you do to accomplish this?

Is there any possibility of converting PDF files to online magazine with password protected? Maybe you would like to know more about it and how to protect your flash magazine from viewing, downloading, or printing? Various possibilities of protecting digital magazine exist. But simply require software - XFlip digital magazine software to help you to fulfill a request of protecting flash magazine from sharing.

To be clear, you can protect your published digital magazine by setting a password. So if there is anyone who would like to read may need to open your magazine by inputting the correct password first. Here come the details. First run the XFlip Pro and turn to the Setting tab, next click "Advanced" located on the second option, then find "Password" under Book Option.

Tips: The powerful digital publishing software also allows its users to password protect the entire document or the specific parts of the document that you want to protect.
1. Tick the check behind "Password".
2. Input password of digital magazine to the next box.
3. After you have confirmed your password, then click the "OK" button to save your settings.


Alternatively, if you want to protect your digital publications from printing or downloading, you can easily accomplish this by disabling "Print" and "Download" buttons on the navigation bar.


1. Switch to Navigation Settings panel under Setting tab.
2. You can see selections list. Here you can remove the tick from the check of "Download". Then visually articulated white box appears.
3. Try to remove a tick from the check of "Print" if you want to disable this option, leave that check blank.
4. After the works of ticking options are finished, check to ensure there is no abnormality before save settings.


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