How to Embed Digital Magazine on Facebook Page

When you creating an interactive digital magazine from PDF with digital magazine software, you would definitely publish it on your website for others to view. Have you ever thinked of embeding the Flash magazine on your Facebook page and then all of your fans could view it? Coupled with the social networking capabilities of Facebook, a digital magazine can reach a much larger audience. Whether you want to display a your organization inform to your page's focus, or you want to promote your products that your fans would enjoy, you can embed the attrative publications on Facebook page.

Here are the illustrations for you to embed Flash magazine on your Facebook pages with Tradable Bits.

1. Search and install Tradable Bits app on your Facebook page.
First, log in Facebook with your account, and search "Tradable Bits" at the search box; Then find the app and click Add App and then follow the step to install the app to specified page;

2. Choose HTML and then click next.

3. Type the tab name and then choose a icon for the tab.

4. Paste the flipbook's embeding code to the HTML box.

Here are the sample code:

Please change the to your specified magazine's address.

5. Publish

Click the Publish Tab on Facebook, then your flipbook will be published. Then, click View on Facebook, you can view it. Other also can view the flipbook on your Facebook tab page. Then others could view the Flash magazine by clicking the magazine page tab.

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