How to Do Quality Setting for E-magazine

Do you want your readers view your E-magazine with high quality visual effects of words and images, even videos and sound. Well, you can create e magazine with professional-quality by using XFlip software. Here's how to do it.


Step 1: Download XFlip Professional from XFlip website.
Step 2: Launch XFlip and import your files (PDF / Word / Excel / PPT / image / video format supported) from computers.
Step 3: If you want to add videos, images and other multi-media elements, please click “Design” button, on this design interface, you can design your magazine pages by adding dynamic swf files, embedding videos, highlighting the important points, etc.
Step 4: Do quality setting for e-magazine. Please click the Setting button setting-menu-button.jpg from the top menu, and then go to Setting -> General -> PDF Setting.
From this option, you can select page quality by yourself. Warm prompt: high quality output large file, low quality output small file. Just choose what you need. You can also preview the output quality of magazine by click the preview button on the top, you can continue to adjust the size of “Image Quality” before you think the output quality of magazine reach your requirements. You can also do other settings such as background image, sound, tablet of contents, bookmarks, LOGO, etc from the Setting board.
Step 5: After all setting done. Click the Publish button to complete your creation.

After publishing, you will see the output publication under the floder that you saved. Then upload the e-magazine to your website. Now others can read your high-quality e-magazine online.

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