How to Design and Save Theme for Output FlipBook

When you are considering how to make outstanding and stylish e-publications, you may think to use special theme for different edition. That’s right, different themes can catch their eyeballs quickly and make your issue more interesting. XFlip Pro online magazine software has a lot of built-in themes. Furthermore, you can design your own theme and save it within the program, next time you can apply to your customize theme by simple clicks.

Xflip has variety of built-in theme. Please turn to Design tab and click drop-down menu of Category, next you can choose theme. Then just simply double click on the theme image for applying it to your e-book. You can preview on the right side.

If you are not satisfied with built-in them, you can also create your own one. Themes mainly include some elements, such as background, navigation and buttons. You can edit them under Advanced Settings panel.

For making theme, first you can make background settings, please refer to background setting tutorial for more details.
Second, it's about navigation bar settings.
nagigation bar setting

1. By ticking check, you could let top bar or bottom bar shows, or both.
2. Choose color for background of navigation bar, and set height.
3. Select a built pattern for decorating navigation bar.
4. Set location of navigation bar .
After, you can preview on right side. If you changed your mind, you can reselect other templates with different background and button layout.

Third, you can choose different button style and button layout, make your e-publication stylish.
button style setting xflip button layout setting
Please click save button to save your settings when you finished. And you can preview result on right side.
If you want to save your design as a theme, please click ''Save as Theme'' under File menu on right top corner of our program's main interface.
save as theme
After saved your customized theme, you can find it on the drop-down menu of Category.
saved theme
Next time, you can apply it by simple clicks, no need to do all settings again. You will save a lot of time by this way. Using this XFlip page flip software is so easy!

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