How to Design Look & Feel for the E-publications

E-publications are becoming common on publishing business. They are used as e-magazines, e-catalogs, e-brochures, and more digital editions, for viewing on any computers, tablets, or mobile devices. How to design your outstanding and marvelous e-publications? XFlip PDF to Flash page flip tool enables you to customize look & feel for e-publications.

XFlip can let you customize your own style of templates. First, you can set your own background image as the flipbook theme, or you can customize colorful background by your own, here is the tutorial: How to Set Background for Digital Magazine.
If you not want to customize background theme by yourself, here we provide some background images for you, you can add these images into the background folder under this program’s installation directory such as add-background.jpg. Download background images here: , it includes 20 dynamic swf colorful background files, 18 static luxurious background files.

After setting background, you can preview by click the preview button on the top. If you changed your mind, you can reselect other different background. And if you want to save your design as a templete, please click "Save Templete" under the settings, and when you want to use this templete, just click "Load Templete", all your design will be loaded.

If you want more, you can click other Setting boards to customize look & feel of your e-publication, including the navigation bar, background, interface Language, book settings etc,. Please refer to other related tutorials for more details.

Please refer to XFlip website for more design demo of digital publications. Don't miss this useful tool, just go ahead to download its free trial version. Make your e-publications with more fun and style.

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