How to Create a Table of Contents for Digital Magazine

When reading a flipbook created by using XFlip digital magazine creator, you can use table of contents which make it easier to read when there're many pages in your eBook.

Table of content will appear once you click second button on navigation bar. Then you click on specific content title, it will automatically turn to corresponding page you set. It's so convenient that you can find content easy and no need to flip book page by page.


How to make a table of content for your eBook? You can do it easily when create flipbook by XFlip flip book software.
First, please run XFlip program. Next go to Setting tab and open Content Setting. After expand table of content board


Program will load table of content information automatically if your original PDF file has one.
If not, you also can add or delete by these buttons:


1.The first button is for adding new title. Added title will always locate in last low.
2. The second button is for inserting a new title. It will locate between the title you clicked and the title next to it.
3. The third button is for adding subtitle.
4. The forth button is for deleting title you picked.
To edit content of table, just simply click on the title and page section, you can type title content and page number accordingly.

Finally, please click save button to save your settings. Then you are available to use customized table of content when reading flipbook.

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