How to Create an Online Product E-catalog from Excel

Are you dying for a chance to create online catalogs still to further inform and persuade your customers to purchase a product? Or do you want to make an online product e-catalog from excel that contains vivid images as well as legible and understandable descriptions of the products?

Contrary to what you might suspect, many small businesses just don't choose to create or print brochures or pamphlets that contained pieces of visual advertising to send out the company's message.

Here comes up with a simple yet easy-to-use catalog publishing software, which could help business owners to create simple yet effective brochures that can be easily downloaded from the company's website, and the customers could also opt for printing the downloadable brochures if necessary.

Step 1. Free download and run the xFlip software smoothly. Then you may see its screen clearly.

Step 2. Click "Import Files" on the top menu, please see the popup window to find the Excel files location on the computer and select Excel document files that you want to appear on your product e-catalog.

Step 3. Do some customizing jobs. The advanced software allows you to input the basic settings that you'll need for your online product catalog, such as store name, contact address, and telephone number. You could also click "Setting" button then to "Navigation" menu. Then you may need to tick the "Download" and fill the download link that you have uploaded the files to your website.

check download blank

Tips: You're also able to click "Preview" to test your online product catalog and consult the quality of the product e-catalog before your site goes live.

Step 4. When all the wanted settings completed, you may click the "Publish" button to start the publishing process, here we just choose "HTML" as the output files.
publish online catalog

It is worth noting that the powerful xFlip e catalog software could not only help you create online product e-catalog from excel files, but also make online brochures, online magazines and digital catalog from Word, PDF, PPT, Image etc files to match your corporate style.

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