How to Convert PDF to Online Flash Magazine

Do you think it is enough to cover your readers just by printing and distributing your PDF magazine? Have you ever thought of publishing your PDF-based magazine online and get more online readers from all over the world? If you are not statisfied with the readers you now cover, converting PDF to online Flash magazine would be an effective yet economical way to increase more readers, and you will greatly increase your chances of success.

With the introduction of page turning software it is now possible for everyone to create visually appealing online magazine from PDF-copied magazine. You don't have to learn complex design and Flash script skills. There are some free online magazine software allow you to create some simple flipping magazines with ads. If you want to remove these ads, you should choose their paid service. In that case, using some desktop digital magazine software like XFlip Professional would be better because desktop applications usually have more powerful features.

Here are the steps about how to convert PDF to Flash magazine with XFlip Professional.

Step 1 - Download and install XFlip Pro
Here is the download address for you:

Step 2 - Import PDF/PPT/Word/Excel/video/images
XFlip Professional enables users to convert PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, videos, images, and swf files together to Flash magazine. By clicking the button import-button.jpg from Getting Started page or clicking Import Files button on the top menu to import the files.

Then you will come to the importing window where you can define the page ranges, and you can also do quickly import for inital preview.

There're 4 options of page rages:
a. All : Means importing all pages of your file,
b. Odd : Means importing odd pages of your file,
c. Even : Means importing even pages of your file,
d. Custom: Just import some of them. For example, if you enter '1,3,6', means you only want to import page 1, 3 and 6. If you enter '7-10', means you want to import from page 7 to page 10.

Step 3 - Edit flipping pages
By clicking the "Design" button on the top of the interface, you can insert hyperlink, text, image, hotspot, SWF, video(You Tube video included), and sound to the output magazine's pages.

Step 4 - Style the look & fell of output magazine
You have all the control of designing the output appearance as you like with the "Setting" button. You can customize the flipbook template including General setting such as Page Size, Title of flipbook; Advanced Setting such as Google Analytics for tracking flipbook's dynamics, Background of flipbook; Navigation buttons; table of contents; bookmarks etc. The flipbook can be previewed by click the Preview button on the top menu.

Step 5 - Publish PDF to Flash magazine
To make online magazine, click HTML option to publish as HTML format. At the same time, you can create mobile version of digital publications for mobile users.

Another, you can also publish PDF to standalone SWF flash magazine, just click Standalone SWF option to publish as SWF format. This format can solve the trouble of uploading multiple files, as the output file is only one SWF file, just upload one file, you can view your digital magazine online.
To let others view your magazine, please upload the magazine to online, here is the guide about how to upload E-magazine on Website

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