How to Convert PDF Magazine for iPad/Tablets with Page Flip Effect

Nowadays more and more people own an iPad or a tablet, they are liking reading on those mobile when on the way. So many major companies try hard to explore mobile market. If you miss this market, you will lose plenty of invisible customers.
So anyway, convert your PDF magazine for your iPad/tablets users with slide and page flip modes will build your audience and widen your market. This will make you more competitiveness in the market.

Follow steps will guide you how to convert PDF to digital magazine for iPad /tablet user reading.

Step 1: Download XFlip page flip software and install it.

Step 2: Run XFlip Pro software, import your PDF files, click the Design and Setting Tab on the top meun to add audio/text/image/video and set different effects to inrich your content, and you can also add some dynamic effects such as bubble to adorn your content without cover the texts.

Step 3: Click the Design menu on the top, choose the background theme for your magazine, and then set your company name, URL, LOGO for the output files to promote your brand.


Of course, you can do other useful settings such as download and print functions on the Navigation Tab.

Step 4: After finish the settings. Then click the publish to start converting, here you can choose two formats:
One is publish HTML that you can upload the output files to a server as webpage for browsing,so that your iPad or tablet users can read online.
The second format is publish as ZIP, which can be shared via email. You can attach the output digital magazine files when you send email to your customers, so your readers can read offline.

Step 5: After published successfully, upload the whole file folder onto your website. Get the link of the index.html file of magazine. Now your readers can read your digital magazine online through the link.

Tips: Upload Flipping Digital Publications on Website


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