Compile Images to Create a Flip Book with 3D Effect

Do you have many images, and want to view them in a photo gallery with 3D page flip effect just like view a flip book?

Well, Whether you want to create such a 3D gallery for customer browsing on your website, or just still want to view photos with a better experience or share to friends. Here is a tutorial for you that how to compile images to create a flip book with 3D effect.

Step 1: open XFlip flip book software. And then import your images.

Step 2: choose a background theme for your flip book gallery.
There are two ways:
Click the "Setting" Button on the top menu, then click "Advanced", you will see the background option.
background setting
a. Design colorful background by yourself from the first selection.
b. Import your favorite background image from your computer.

Step 3(Optional): set company LOGO.
If you own a website, and want to share your gallery with others on your site with company LOGO. You can follow this tutorial: How to Brand Company info for Digital Flipbook

Step 4: Publish - just click the "Publish" button on the top menu, and fill the Title, Keywords, Description blanks as SEO friendly. Click the “Publish” Button to start publish. When finish, you can see a file under your Save Path. Of course, you can also publish as exe file, fill your save path and the name of your flipbook, click "Start" to Publish.

Step 5: Upload flipbook on your website or send it to your friends.
Now you can upload the flipbook to your website, when upload finish, you can view your gallery online now. You can also share it with your friends by email. Or you can view your photo gallery on your computer.


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