How to Add YouTube Video to Flipping Book

YouTube is so popular to share any video. Do you want to embed YouTube video to your flipping book? It will definitely make your digital magazine more attractive and dynamic. By using XFlip digital publishing tool, you can add YouTube video to flipping pages easily.
add YouTube video to flipping book

Steps to insert YouTube video
1. Click add YouTube Button at the left of the interface.
2. Left click, hold and drag the mouse to draw a frame for video show on the page, it can be as large as you like as long as it is smaller than the page
3. Add YouTube window will be available. Enter your video Id. For example, if your video link is, you should input ‘‘uVQoyz7oNz0’’. Please make sure that your network is OK, otherwise you cannot open it to play.
4. Position settings. You can enter the parameters of X/Y/Width/Height to adjust the position of the video.
5. Click "Refresh". The video will appear on the page you chose. You can just click ''Delete'' if you do not want to add this video.
After you added YouTube video, you can preview it.
Preview YouTube video on flipbook

Steps to modify / delete YouTube video
modify / delete YouTube video
If you want to adjust video file setting, please double click the name of Elements at the right of the operator interface. To delete the video you do not want, please click the button or click "Delete" button on your keyboard.

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