How to Add Background Sound for eBook Publications

Without a doubt, background sound or song could significantly enhance the immersive and emotional impact of an amazing film. But does this also work well for e-book publications? Here we would introduce the easiest way to add background sound to eBooks effectively by using XFlip e-book publishing software with its easy-to-use interface.

Now you could free download the app and find out. You could adjust the background sound to suit the mood of the scene so that you could view your flipping book with a gorgeous background sound. Here is the detailed guide:

1. After download e magazine software and launch the software, you could import the files that you want to publish as a flip book.

2. Click "Music" button music-button.jpg on the top menu. Then Music window will pop up. Now you could begin to add your favorite sound to your flipbook.

3. Simply click the add-music-button.jpg button, you could open a pop-up window then select the sound files from the computer that you want to insert to eBook publications.

4. After all settings done, keep in mind that clicking this save-button.jpg button to save.
Meanwhile, you could choose to preview the flip book with background sound. It would be much better to preview your eBooks before you publish it.

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