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FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)
What is the requirement to run the software?
XFlip Pro will run on any PC with Windows 7 / XP/ Vista 32-bit and 64-bit operating
The minimum system requirements: 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM and Adobe Flash Player 9.
Recommended: 2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM and Adobe Flash Player 10.
May I use books created by XFlip Pro for commercial purposes?
Yes, you may sell your books created with Flip Book Maker if you've already purchased the
Commercial License.
Can I have discount if I order a lot?
Yes, sometimes, we can offer you discount accordingly. Please email us with product name
and quantity you want.
Can I buy one license and use it on many computer?
No, 1 license for 1 computer only. If you want apply multi user, please purchase multi
How do I find out which version of this software I am using?
You will find the version numbers at About page under Help menu on the top of the
Why does Xflip Pro prompt me to install Adobe Flash Player?
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 is required to run XFlip Pro. If it's detected that your operating
system has not yet installed the Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later version, we'll launch a Adobe
Flash Player Installer to proceed with the installation. The lack of Adobe Flash Player may also
cause the failure of flip book creation.
How to email flipbook to others?
1st method: Publish as ZIP on the publish tab. Then a window pop up, you could use
email function to send it to your recipients. But first of all, you should install email client, like
2nd method: Publish as other formats, and ZIP all output files by yourself, then email the
ZIP package manually.
Tips: You cannot attach and send EXE file via email directly, email service will reject it for
considering it as viruses or other malware, So you have to package it up as a zip file. Your
clients can read it after unzip.
Does it support CD auto run?
Yes. But first make sure that you open the drive auto run function on your computer.
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