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send EXE file via email directly, email service will reject it for considering it's viruses
or other malware. So you have to package it up as a zip file. Your clients can read it
after unzip it.
Share it as ScreenSaver:
XFlip Pro allows you to create a screensaver file (*.scr) so that you can set a flip book as your
desktop screensaver. This way, you can also easily share your engaging flip book with friends.
Trial Policy
We provide free fully-functional 30-day trial. To try our XFlip Pro , please download and install it
on your computer. And then open the software, click "try" button to begin the try process, and
you have 30 trial days only. After it expires, you need to purchase it if you wan to use it
Upgrade Policy
There're 2 kinds of upgrade:
Upgrade from version 1 to version 2, it's not free. Old keycode will not work in
upgraded version. you need to paid for new keycode. Please contact us to get upgrade
Upgrade from version 2, it is free. Old keycode can still be used after you upgraded.
There are 2 ways to upgrade:
Visit our site to check out the latest version of the program. Normally, we indicate the new
release on the main web page. We always provide our users with the up-to-date download
URL. And you just download the new version, and install on your computer.
Note: Please make sure that you have the former version uninstalled already. No need to
uninstall former version.
Run your XFlip Pro , directly click on 'Update' under 'Help' menu on the top of interface,
then start the downloading process. It will automatically connect with the recently released
version. Please make sure that your internet is available.
We now suggest that you choose the first option to upgrade as you may get more info about from
our website.
Refund Policy
We allow 30-days to refund or exchange product if there's problem caused by defect of
our product and we do not fix it after you contact us.
Once it's more than 30 days from the date you ordered, refund/exchange is no longer
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