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publish, there's a pop up window, you could use email function to send it to your recipients. But
first of all, you should install email client, like "Outlook".
Making a ScreenSaver file
You can publish it as a screensaver and make it ready-to-use .
Making a APP file
You can output as MAC executable file (APP), which can run on Mac.
Output Settings
You can define file folder and name of output SWF file.
Please remember to tick the check before 'Also create mobile version' if you want to view
this flipbook on mobile devices and the check before 'Generate auto-run file for CD' if you want
the output file can auto-run on CD when you run CD on your computer.
Share Flipbook
Now you are satisfied with your flip book and want to publish to share with others. There's
many ways:
Social networks sharing:
The Flash flipping books created from PDF via XFlip Pro provides the proper means of
integration with popular social network sites. Viewers can share the flipping book to Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and more sites or E-mail or copy it to others. First, click share button
when you view it online, then choose social bookmark. Also you could send your link to any of
your friends.
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