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Publishing Flip Book
Publish format
You could publish the flip book as HTML, Standalone SWF, EXE, ZIP, ScreenSaver, APP.
Making a HTML file
Both HTML files and SWF file will contain the embed code of your flip book. It's convenient to
use flip book on a website.
The SWF file included is suitable for publication on the web because of its small size and
user-friendly interactivity. You need Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later to play SWF files.
Making a Standalone SWF
You can upload the standalone SWF flipbook to your web, blog, Facebook etc for online
Making an EXE file
An Executable file is a standalone flash flip book that runs on any Windows PC. This EXE
file includes all of the information needed for display, no additional software is required. Ease
of playback makes the Executable output a widely-used format for sharing your flip book with
others. Executable file is a nice way to deliver your flip book for presentation.
*Warm prompt, most email server reject to delivery emails with EXE file, if you want to send
them, please first zip it.
Making a ZIP file
On the publish page, you could select zip and then start publish. It will generate a ZIP file. After
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