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Advanced Setting
1) Book Option:
Right To Left:
Read flipbook from right to left.
Hard Cover or Hard Page: Make your cover or pages look hard.
Center book when closed: Put the flipbook in the center when it's close, otherwise it's on right
or left.
Repeat Play: If your select ''Repeat Play'', the flipbook will continually to play from start when
it goes to last page.
Autoplay in start: If you want your flipbook auto play without click to flip, please tick the option
''Autoplay in start''. You could set how many seconds of time gap when flip between 2
pages. Please change the number in the check after ''Auto Flip Duration'', range from 0 to
Password: You can set password from here, so who read this book should enter password
Google Analytics: By inputting your Google Analytics account ID in the publishing flip book,
you can monitor and analyze the traffic of your online flipping book with ease in your Google
Analytics account live. Nice way to increase your marketing effectiveness using Google
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