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1) Page Size:
Autofill: automatically adjust the size of the output files according to your current file
page size.
Customize: You can enter the parameters of Width/Height to adjust the Page Size.
2) PDF Setting:
Render Profile, there are 2 formats you can be chose to convert to. SWF or JPEG.
Rasterize, There're 3 options you can choose about Rasterize, None, Vector
Shapes(convert Vector Shapes to Bitmap) and Vector Shapes & Text (convert Vector
Shapes and Texts to Bitmap). If your PDF document contains some special shapes
that can't be displayed normally, try these options.
Image Quality, you can select page quality by yourself. High quality output large file,
low quality output small file. Just choose what you need.
These are optional usages, you can choose them according to your demand.
Generate thumbnails for page quick preview. When you view flipbook online, the
flipbook is been loading, XFlip Pro will generate thumbnails for you to take a quick
preview. It may cause burring text or image, but it will be crisp after load completely.
Extract table of content. Table of content can be copied to flipbook, so you do not
need to generate it manually.
3) Title option:
You can change the title content which shows on left top of flipbook. You can change title
name/url/font/size/color etc.
After this general setting, you can save as a templete for your next using by click the button
'SaveAsTemplate'. And if you set this templete before, just click button 'LoadFromTemplate' to
use your previous template.
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