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Add Text Link
at the left of the interface.Left click.
Hold and drag the mouse to draw a frame on where you want to add hyperlink.
'Text Properties' tool box will be available at the right of the work area,
Click "Action" button under link option, 'link' Window pop up, here you can do Internal
Linking, Email link, and words you type will show on your page.
Link Action. Choose the radio button of "Hyperlink". Type the text you want to display for
the link in the Text box. If you choose hyperlink, please write down the link and select
which way it will open, in a new window or current window.
Click "OK". The hyperlink will appear on the page you chose.
To modify setting or delete the hyperlink you just created, please set the "Layout" and
"Text Properties" tab on the right.
Modify/ Delete
To modify hyperlink settings, double click its name, edit window will be available on the right.
To delete the hyperlink you do not want, please click 'Delete' Key on your keyboard.
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