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After importing files to XFlip Pro , you can now design your flipbook pages with multimedia
objects and element to your flipbook pages.
You can add hyperlinks, text, images, Flash movie SWF,video (YouTube video included),
sound, hotSpot to output PDF flipping pages and enrich your output PDF flipping book. It
would be a good tool to enhance the digital publications reading experience.
Interface explaining:
1.Working Area Element. This is for adding multimedia objects, including Hyperlink, Text,
, Hotspot, Add SWF , Video, YouTube Video , Sound.
2.Layout. Here you can change the positions of the existing elements, or delete elements
that you want to give up. You can also drag this Layout tool box to working area and close it by
the button
. If you want it display again, you can find this submenu under the View menu,
just click to set it display again.
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