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3. Settings
After selected the file you want to import, there's a window show like this, following is its
1)Source File. click this icon
to select the file you want to import.
2)Page Rages. There're 4 options:
a. All : Means importing all pages of your file.
Odd : Means importing odd pages of your file.
Even : Means importing even pages of your file.
Custom: Just import some of them. For example, if you enter '1,3,6', means
you only want to import page 1, 3 and 6. If you enter '7-10', means you want to
import from page 7 to page 10.
4. Arrange position of pages
When files are imported, thumbnails are showing on the bottom of page, you can change
position/location of these pages by left clicking Drag-n-drop desired page thumbnail
to the position you want.
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