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3. Reinstall Windows: If you reinstall your Windows, keycode can still work.
4. Upgrade:
There are 2 kinds of upgrade:
a. Upgrade from version 2 to version 3, it's not free. Old keycode will not work in
upgraded version. You need to paid for new keycode. Please contact us to get
upgrade link.
Upgrade from version 3, it is free. Old keycode can still be used after you
There're 2 ways to upgrade:
Visit our site to check out the latest version of the program. Normally, we
indicate the new release on the main web page. We always provide our users
with the up-to-date download URL. And You just download the new version,
and install on your computer.
Note: Please make sure that you have the former version installed already. No
need to uninstall former version.
Run your XFlip Pro , directly click on ''Update'' under ''Help'' menu on the top of
interface, then start the downloading process. It will automatically connect with
the recently released version. Please make sure that your internet is available.
We now suggest that you choose the first option to upgrade as you may get more info
about from our website.
Purchasing XFlip Pro Online
After free 30 days trial expired, you need to purchase license if you want to keep using it.
When you purchase XFlip Pro, you'll get following benefits:
Product registration, including a registration key.
Full functional software to use forever.
Remove the evaluation watermark from the output files.
No-hassle e-mail tech support, fast response.
How to purchase XFlip Pro step-by-step:
Step 1: Visit our website for ordering information and current price
You can visit our website http://www.xflip.com and click Buy Now button for ordering
information. Or click Help menu in top of our program's interface,
Help > Buy
Online. Please make sure you are connected to the internet. An internet browser will open our
website ordering page.
Step 2: Choose the license you'd like to purchase
We provides a variety of volume licensing options for purchasing our products. Commercial
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