XFlip Help Document xflip.com
You can easily install XFlip Pro after downloading a copy from our website www.XFlip.com.
To Install XFlip Pro:
Go to
www.XFlip.com and download XFlip Pro (Allow Blocked Content if there is a hint on top
of Internet Explorer).
When download is complete, double-click the downloaded file.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
If you are using Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7, you must have administrator privileges to install
XFlip Digital Publishing Software.
Installation Notes
License Agreement. To use XFlip Digital Publishing Software, you must agree to the terms of
the license agreement. Read the terms of this agreement carefully, and check the option I
accept the agreement and click < Next > to continue. If you do not agree, click < Cancel > to
abort installation.
Destination Folder. Specify the location to install the program to. If the default location is
acceptable, click < Next >. Directly input an alternate location or click < Browse > to select a
Additional Options. This screen allows you to choose if you would like to add a Desktop icon
and/or Quick Lunch link to your system.
Ready to Install. When this screen appears, you are ready to install the XFlip Pro. Click <
Install > and wait for installation to complete.
Licensing Information
After 30 days trial is over:
Please purchase it if you want to keep using it, please go to
http://www.xflip.com for
ordering information and current price.
If you do not wish to purchase XFlip Pro , simply uninstall it.
If you have purchased XFlip Pro, you may register by instructions on the
XFlip Corporation. All rights reserved.