A material that is innovative,
It is an earthen construction material that offers
great thermal and acoustic insulation properties,
but also provides significant resistance in building
construction, without any particular limitations.
Cématerre makes it possible to build differently,
and fire resistant
by taking into account current and future
environmental issues, such as increasingly-rare
resources and raw materials. Cast like concrete
using a vibration technique, it represents a
genuine innovation in the world of earthen
construction. It is used to create load-bearing
elements to construct simple buildings with
no particular limitation.
unlike traditional earthen construction,
Cématerre is cast like concrete. The soil is
taken from on or near the jobsite, is blended
with other ingredients and stabilized in a mixer
that is similar to concrete mixing equipment,
adapted for clay. The mixing equipment is
located at the jobsite. The material is therefore
manufactured on-site, then cast into forms and
vibrated (vibrating rods).
To compare it to concrete: Cématerre is 3 times
more insulating, but 3 times less resistant,
which could be compensated for by using wal s
that are 2 to 3 times thicker. In terms of cost,
Cématerre is currently in a price range equivalent
to traditional constructions using concrete or
other materials, particularly due to savings on
transporting raw materials.
Visit the site: www.cematerre.com