EGPA 74 Crazy about design...
Maximizing a smal space
by Philippe Demougeot...
After receiving his degree in Political Science in Lyon,
and one from the Ecole Boulle in 1988, Philippe
Demougeot joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure
d'Architecture (ENSA) at Paris La Villette under the
direction of architect/urban planner roland Castro.
After graduating in 1995, it was off to China, spen-
ding two years in Shanghai where he designed many
apartment buildings, stores, restaurants, and village
halls. When he returned to France, he opened his
own architecture and interior design firm. Among
his creations are a large number of private houses,
apartments, and lofts among the most famous of
which are:
- La Librairie du Japon
- Lounges at the Institut Louis Harris
- renovation of Bureau Véritas Shanghai offices
- Lounge for the Ligue Professionnel e de Footbal ...