EGPA 70 Design News Briefs...
They dared...
Placard & Nous
Through the reusable sticker from design house PLACArD&NOuS,
transform your everyday existence.
You can humorously transform the front of your cabinet, refrigerator, washing
machine, and dishwasher with this trompe-l'oeil sticker. The washable sticker
can be stuck at any time and with any collection, be stuck without bubbles
and quickly comes unstuck without a trace, to suit your decorative whimsy.
Doge's relax
A world first, 100% Made in Italy!
an exclusive spa chair with a unique, innovative design, with
an emotional shower, and a stream of water directed at the
neck area for the soft, healing, energy restoration of massage
in one of the most stressed parts of the body these days.
A chair that combines the triad: design, health, and prestige
in a world that is increasingly attracting originality.